Laurel Square-Laurel, MD

This is a commercial center development project located near intersection of RT-1 and Rte. 198 in Laurel Maryland. The project involves demolition of the existing building and construction of new building and modification of existing parking lot. The new building is approximately 5,197 square feet and has been divided into four units which will serve for commercial use.

Venus consultant was involved in the preparation of civil engineering design plans to obtain Grading Permit and Building permit from City of Laurel. Venus consultant prepared Site Plan, Stormwater Management Plans, Water and Sewer Plans, Traffic Control Plans and Sediment Control Plans for the project.  Venus Consultants was successful of getting approval of all the plans in a timely manner.

3070 Porter Street, NW-Washington, DC

This is a residential project for construction of new single family home in Washington, DC. This poject consist of demolition of existing building and construction of new building and driveway.

Venus consultant has worked on this project from concept to completion and conducted final inspection of the SWM facility. Venus consultant prepared Demolition Plan, Site Plan, Sediment Control Plans, Stormwater Management Plans and Utility Plans for water and sewer house connections. The plans were submitted to DCRA, DOEE and DCWASA for the approval. All the approvals were obtained in timely manner.

Feasibility Study (17211 Queen Anne Bridge Road-Bowie, MD)

Venus consultant performed the feasibility study for the property located at 17211 Queen Anne Bridge Road in Bowie-MD and submitted feasibility study report to the client for the development of the referenced property for the church.

36th Street Residential House (4420 36th street, NW-Washington, DC)

Venus consultant designed and developed site plan, utility plan, stormwater management plan and site plan for the residential development site. Venus consultant prepared and submitted Engineering Plans to DCRA, DOEE and DCWASA and coordinated with the reviewer for the approval of plans. Conducted numerous meetings with the reviewers and prepared responses to the comments and acquire the approval of design plans in reasonable time manner.

3rd Street Flats (1940 3rd Street, NE Washington, DC)

This project involves conversion of existing house into multi story residential units, construction of new parking lot in the rear side and upgrade the utility connections such as water, sewer and stormdrain. Venus consultant designed and  prepared Site Plan, Sediment Control Plans, Water and Sewer Plans and Stormwater Management Plans for the project and submitted to DCRA, DOEE and DCWASA for the approval. Venus Consultants had effectively communicated with the agency reviewers and secured the approval in timely manner.